Parents Note is a platform where majority of the users will be minors. was created to allow each Swimmer to showcase their profile and times swam during official swim galas or competitions.

Depending on the options chosen, this information will be made public. We therefore advise each and every Parent or Guardian to open the account together with your child/children and make sure that you insert your correct e-mail account. With this entry you will receive your child's Password & ID and a notification whenever your child created a new post. This post might be a new swim time or a change in his or her profile.

Here we would like to encourage Parents and Guardians to instill fairness. The times entered by your child have to be correct and should reflect his or her actual ability.

The times entered will show you the development of your child. This can be the overall development or improvements in a certain stroke and/or distance. The statistics of your child will be kept with for as long as you have the account with us. You can change the option and up-grade to compare with others at any time you chose to do so.

If you have question, please revert to the contact us page.

Swim Clubs

If we have more than 10 Swimmers from one Swim Club, we will enable the compare within club option.

We therefore recommend inserting the correct swim club name.

Once more than 10 Swimmers entered one Swim Club, the Club will be listed in the Swim Club section. A representative of the Club should send us their official logo and address and we will post the same in the Club section. The Clubs will be listed by country and here in alphabetical order.